Red’s Gym

Healthy living and fitness have been my life’s journey for over 8 years. I am often asked, “What makes you qualified to run a gym?” While at times, I have questioned my own journey, one thought that always pops into my head is that I want to inspire and help others to build better habits. I’ve researched and tried several approaches to working out and nutrition. Through the good and bad days, I’ve learned several things about myself and those around me who find themselves asking these same questions.

Be better than yesterday. Or at least try! Life has twists and turns, but we can only control what we can control. And I personally want to help anyone and everyone I can with a positive foundation and hit the simple goals. Each step toward a change can make a world a difference in the end.

So, back to the question. Why am I qualified? I have certifications as a Crossfit Level 1 coach and certified in wellness and nutrition. And honestly, I care on a deep personal level to find what works for you on an individual level. We may all be in one class together, but anything can be modified to match a fitness level. Let me get to know you and together we can achieve attainable goals and strive for a healthier you.